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      "The Great Connections" Seminar

The unique educational experience offered by the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute, the Foundation for The College of the United States, illustrated here by its week-long "Great Connections" summer seminar for high school and college students.

"The Great Connections" Summer Seminar

2 minute summary


The Great Connections" Summer Seminar
2 minute summary

Strengthening the Power to Think First-Hand.


"The Great Connections" Summer Seminar

More information in the following two 6-minute video segments



“The object of education is to prepare the young
to educate themselves
throughout their lives.”
Robert Maynard Hutchins, President,
The University of Chicago, 1929-1951


Watch educator
Marsha Familaro Enright
discuss this College



1 . The Search for Meaning
2.  Montessori
3.  The Fire of Imagination
4.  The Great Books
5.  A Real Difference
6.  A New Approach
7.  Education for Life
8.  Free to Think
9.  Student Involvement
10. Striking a Chord
11. The Faculty
12. The Name
13. Imagine a College 

Higher Education rooted in reason, individualism, and liberty ––– this is the foundation of the College of the United States.

Opening upon the acquisition of necessary capital, the College will use the principles of collaborative inquiry in combination with the Great Books. This approach will be integrated with the developmental principles of the Montessori method as applied to young adults in order to foster independent judgment and maximize learning. The purpose is to prepare young, bright students for a life of leadership, promoting reason, achievement, and individual happiness in their work and their lives.

This new college is dedicated to developing the individuals who can fulfill the vision of liberty for all embodied in the thought of America’s Founding Fathers. It will provide a sound, highly integrated four year liberal arts and sciences curriculum emphasizing reality-oriented and life-enhancing learning, examining a broad range of philosophies, theories, and ideas. Philosophies of rational self-interest, Classical Liberalism, and free market economics will be included in the curriculum.

Financial Aid available. Courses will teach young people how to become successful men and women of principle, achievement, and action by focusing on rational analysis and independent thinking. The program will be vetted by a committee of educational experts from around the world.

What better way to ensure the future of young people and influence the direction of our culture? Help make this philosophy of education a reality. Contribute now and give a life of hope, expectation and opportunity. The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute is a (501)(c)(3) corporation. All donations are tax-deductible as specified by law.

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Read The New Individualist interview with Marsha Familaro Enright on the state of education and the new college.


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